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Name                    Alias


Daniel Wieme

DrDan Placebo


 Bryan Gawinski

 Alphonse Silverblade


Lalit Tanwar

 Emoke Silverblade


Nick Nicely

Nicolai Nyn


Michelle Leitner 

Michelle Snowbear 


Kirk Glover

keg2052 Thane


Jason Rissover

Axum Rhys


Tim Arnold

Cats Amethusela



Identities in in Death Note by Michelle Leitner

Death Note's Interesting Genre by Bryan Gawinski

The Hero's Journey In Death Note by Tim Arnold

Death Note and Shonen Anime by Nick Nicely

Justice and Society as pertains to Death Note by Kirk Glover

The Dual-Hero's Journey - Lalit Tanwar

A Case of Existential Nihilism and Moral Ambiguity - By Daniel Wieme

The Apple Jason Rissover's Rough Draft

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