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Bryan Reuter

             Formal and Heroes Journey Analysis

    Fooly Cooly is quite the interesting anime.  It gets straight into the action from the very first episode.  The story is very hectic and moves so fast it is hard to keep up with everything that is going on.  It does have some main points that get across very strongly to me.  It has a very fast past to it which makes me feel that it wants to show that things can happen at amazing speeds and you have to be ready for everything that comes at you.  It also shows me that anything can happen, there are so many random unexplained things that happen in this anime and I feel that was done intentionally to show that in life many things happen and can just be left totally unexplained but that is just how life is.  FLCL shows how it is to be a child in this world now and how many things in this world have started revolving around sexual things.


    The narrative of this anime is pretty hectic. It all goes by very fast and it has to all be picked up as you go through the anime.  At first it all seems so random and once the end is starting to come around it starts to explain why these things are happening and exactly what everyone is doing in the anime.  Each character has there own background and reason for doing everything they have done in the anime and what they will do in the end.  Every character has there distinct story and background and they all have to be brought together in a very small amount of time since the anime is so short. The things that reoccur the most are the guitars and the robots in the anime.  The guitars are mainly used in the anime to be used as sexual innuendos.  These are mainly used on the main character because he likes to think of himself as an adult but he is not used to these sexual things.  They are used to show him as he is maturing how he think people should act and that he is not comfortable with things like that.  In the reading   The Robots From Takkun’s Head: Cyborg Ad In FLCL by Brian Ruh it tells about how this anime is a lot about a boy going through his adolescent stage in life and at the same time he is like a cyborg since the world if so engulfed in all the electronics it has.  He tells how that instead of just showing Naota with a phone all the time they actually have a robot come out of him and him become one with the robot multiple times in the anime.  He also tells about those sexual innuendos and how one of the other characters, Haruko, would tell him to do things with his guitar in very sexual ways and compare the size of his guitar to other guys and many other little things like that.  Naoto would normally just ignore her since he thought he was to much of an adult to listen to these childish things.  One very explicit theme to this anime is that children are now beginning to grow up a lot faster then they should and a lot are shown sexual things that they probably shouldn’t know about that young in life.  Naota shows this through the entire anime when he tries to always act like an adult even though he is still a child and when he is brought into awkward situations by Haruko.


    This anime has a very weird take on the heroes journey.  It seems that Naota fights against his journey a lot like some people do but he seems to take longer then most to accept it.  At first he seems to want nothing to do with this journey that he is on.  His journey seems to be mainly him being pushed through his journey by Haruko who really started the whole thing in the first place.  He does have the typical partners that help him through his journey.  He has Haruko who seems like more of a pest to him at first. He also has Canti who is the robot who came out of his so as well as being a partner is also like a part of him.  These two really push him into his journey and Canti really is the one that makes the whole thing possible once Naota accepts him and becomes one with him to fight all the creatures they have to fight. He really seems to accept his journey once Haruko is in danger and he puts aside the side of him that feels he is to grown up for everything that had been going on and decides he has to take things upon himself and finally accepts his journey for what it is.  His inner cave as it is known is mostly fought within Naota himself.  He normally has what seem to be little fights within himself and is always trying to figure out what he should do with himself when he wants to do the adult thing even though he is a child at heart.  Naota does finally accept that he is a child and that he doesn’t have to be a grown up yet.  Once he accepts that he is able to start enjoying things more and finally do things for himself and not things only an adult would do.  He does still have to deal with the sexual things from Haruko and Mamimi but he seems to accept those things more even though they still confuse him with exactly what they mean.  Naota in his own way does grow up but instead of being an growing into an adult he grows into being his own person.


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  1. You need references (they need to be listed at the end of the document)

    You are combining two types of analysis - which is good. You need to synthesize the two types of analysis into one essay - don't separate them out with headings. Cyborg Adolescence in FLCL is a great reference - read it carefully!

    You need to come up with a thesis statement of  the main idea and then prove that using examples that you figure out with the analysis.