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Peichuan Yin

Visual art anime


When a strange girl suddenly appear in Naota’s live, everything goes wrong. This is what FLCL mainly talking about. We can find many anime presentation methods used in this work, and we can only find these.

Naota is common kid who still studying in primary school. He usually stays with his brother’s girlfriend-Mamimi after school. He wishes to become a man like his brother. He wants to be a mutual man when he stays with Mamimi. However, he doesn’t know what Mamimi really wants from him.

He fell flutter when Mamimi hug him, but he doesn’t want to love a girl who is his brother’s girlfriend.

Mamimi is a girl who loses herself, she want to rely on somebody, which never appear. She feels sad, cold when she is alone. She suffers a lot of pain, hurt and sad but covered under her eye. She try to forget the past and forget Naota’s brother, but failed. Just like the burned house doesn’t disappear but become ashes and char. At last of FLCL, Mamimi go to another places to become a photographer. Maybe this is her best end.

Haruko, the prime role in this story, has a mystery background. She loves ride a yellow bike and create mass in every street. When she first time use her electrical guitar hit Naota’s head. Lead series robots come out from Naota’s head. She never fails to catch Naota’s attention by using violent methods. Why she make Naota’s head become a “factory of robots”? Why she can use electrical guitar to fight with robots? All of those are mystery just like why she love extremely spicy foods.

After Haruko hit Naota’s head, Naota doesn’t really know what is real and what is illusion happening. He just feels more when he stays with Haruko. And he enjoys it. Which makes him decided to explore the world outside his hometown after he growth up.

The FLCL contain many emotion and odd plot. Such as the “Iron” company and kinds of hands come from Naota’s head and the regularly spray vapors. What are this things represents? Maybe different audiences have different answer.

The words ”FLCL” can be explain to “First Love Cyber Love”.

Naota’s first love is the love with his brother’s girlfriend. But he denied to receive this pure love. May be he think Mamimi should belong to his most admired person - his old brother.

Naota’s cyber love is the love between he and Haruko. Usually cyber love ends with nothing. Just like Haruko said to Naota at the end: “You are still a child”. Naota may be tripped in this strange but funny feeling. But he has to find the true world by himself.

This anime uses various kinds of presentation way to express the content. Such as use cartoon style to describe the conflict between Naota and his family. Using exaggerate style to describe the fighting scenes. Many other skills were used in this anime in order to catch audience attention. It seems that this method of presentation become a standard of present anime.

In my opinion, this kind of anime won’t be a great cartoon. Maybe it could catch the present youths. But cannot be a classical masterwork. My reason listed below:

It doesn’t have a clear and reasonable plot.

It doesn't have a background for audiences to find out.

It doesn’t have enough excellent hints and develop later.

It doesn’t have a soul.

What is this anime want to claim? What is goal of this anime? I cannot understand.

It just like the cook put everything he could use such as pork, beef, tomatoes, pepper, fish and chicken into a pot. When you are taste it, you can find many different flavors, but you don't know what the cook is making. Maybe even the cook doesn’t know neither.

This kind of anime seems like a completely commercial creature. The scriptwriter and director just want to catch the audiences' eyeball. They just want to show their "beautiful and cool" senses to audiences. No matter the audiences think it is good or not. Anyway, it is impressive. We can find this idea in many anime works. For example: the "Mind Game" and "Cat soup". You will never find a sense which makes you feel comfortable.


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  1. You need a thesis statement in the first paragraph. The rest of your essay needs to prove your point. You should read the article on mycourses Under the Drama section about adolescence in FLCL.

    The content you have here is all in the referential level which doesn't count for this essay. You need to get to implicit/explicit!!!