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  • Levels of Detail Within the Inital D Art Style - Franklin V. Logan
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The addition of three dimensional graphics within the art style of Initial D adds an interesting difference between it and the standard Anime. Inserting CG in order to illustrate the different levels of detail within the art style makes initial D stand out. Within the standard Anime, the amount of detail within the scene or a specific object is used to an effect; whenever an artist wants to emphasize a certain object in the scene or a certain piece in the environment, the level of detail will be increased, while an artist can reduce the level of detail in order to remove importance from an object. Within Initial D, the CG within the art style allows certain moments to be emphasized while juxtaposing the visuals in an interesting way.

Within Anime, the standard art style affords itself a few liberties. While there will be variations on a case by case basis, as with anything involving art, a general truth is touched upon by Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. Several times he shows different levels of detail within his own illustrations in order to prove this point. He even specifically touches on the idea of levels of detail within Anime. He shows himself holding a sword , and then looks at it and shows an extreme level of detail within it. Anime goes back and forth between this in order to show importance within certain objects.

Within Initial D, this is split apart by the CG art. The most obvious point we see this in is within the depictions of the vehicles. During all the racing sequences, all the vehicles are shown in detailed CG. During tense moments, even most of the environment is done entirely in CG. Any vehicle of importance is shown within this style. But, while Takumi works at the gas station, all of the incoming vehicles are illustrated. The only moment this broken is when KT's RX-7 pulls in. This moment embodies the force of the constant juxtaposition within the series. The break in the pace of the visuals places an extreme emphasis on the vehicle, and shows how important to the story it is.

This effort on unique emphasis is something that adds much character and quality to the art style. This creates much of the force invoked in most of the scenes within the story, and the fact that this emphasis is also done in a unique way gives this series its biggest defining factor. This factor is of paramount importance; it allows the story to be painted with more strength and flavor, and creates another level of symbolism and definition throughout which the creators can bring in more information and present it in an interesting and subtle way.

The constant juxtaposition of CG and illustration within Initial D's art style emphasizes one of the main aspects that sets apart Anime from other illustrated media. The variance within the level of detail is standard, but the inclusion of CG into this equation makes this series stand out from the standard found in most Anime, and adds an interesting aesthetic to draw in viewers. The art style definitively gives this series a strong character, and makes it memorable.

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  1. You have a solid concept and main idea and I think the first paragraph is rough but ok in content. However, you need to expand your argument within the body of the essay. McCloud is an appropriate reference here but you need to use his terminology correctly and explain in more detail how those ideas relate to Initial D. Explain more about some of the underlying semiotic theory behind the different iconic levels! You also need a reall concluding paragraph and to add references - looks like you need more academic references.

    Finally, when talking about visuals you MUST have images from the anime (screen captures) that prove your point.