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In the series Samurai Champloo, the 3 main characters Jin, Mugen and Fuu are looking for the man who smells like sunflowers, and the series is based off of their journey to find this man. Throughout their journey, several themes are made known. Mugen, who is a younger and unstable Samurai, is very reckless person, and that’s where the reckless theme comes from in this series. Another theme of this series is Adventure. Mugen Jin and Fuu are off on their journey to find the man who smells like sunflowers, and they run into many different obstacles, not to mention the constant fighting between Jin and Mugen, so no matter where they are or what time of day at is, something new and exciting is always going on. The two main themes of this series are Adventure and Recklessness.

Mugen is a character who isn’t exactly categorized as calm, represents a reckless theme. In the first episode, it shows how his style of fighting one that may defeat his enemies, but it is young and reckless. He goes around fighting everything and anything that gets in his way. Nothing ever stands in his path, because he doesn’t think about what he is doing. This ends up getting him in trouble when he scares one of the government official’s sons, which causes a whole army to come after Mugen. Mugen’s recklessness gets him in more trouble than he can handle, amongst the army coming after him, Mugen also tries to fight another man, by the name of Jin. Jin is a much more stable man, who is still capable of great sword fighting skills. That fact makes the two of these characters working together troublesome, due to the fact that they are opposite people on the inside. Different people have different strategies, and this makes them want to fight constantly. Mugen's recklessness doesnt help him at all. He doesn't think about his actions, when he has the chance to fight he does. Mugen has gone into a restaurant, sat down with a table of Yakuza, the Japanese mafia, ate their food, and didnt think twice about it. He loves conflict, and thats what he gets. Mugen is the soul purpose of the theme of Recklessness in this series

Adventure is another theme in this series. The series starts off with a scene where Jin and Mugen are about to be beheaded, showing right away that this series is full of bloody action. The entire series is based off of a single adventure, Fuu getting to find the man who smells like sunflowers. The three of them are headed off on an adventure together, however they have to deal with many different obstacles including a man who is referred to as an ogre, several assassins, food, money and many others. Adventure is a major part of this series, because the three of these characters have no idea what is coming next, every small town has something new and exciting that Fuu Jin and Mugen have to handle. This is how the show keeps its viewers interested and it also leaves viewers hanging and wanting more.

Samurai Champloo is full of many different themes, however Recklessness and Adventure are two of the most obvious themes because of their recursions. Between the fighting of Jin and Mugen, Fuu trying to find the man who smells like sunflowers and all the other issues the three characters have, this series is full of excitement and will always keep the viewer interested.

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