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Guide Notes

To create order on our collective and individual pages within our wiki we will begin to use the wikipedia guidelines as a general help. Those guidelines are available here:


1. Multi-Campus Environmental Research and Media Collaboration:
2. RIT KOSOVO (AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN KOSOVO) Environmental Policy Annotated Bibliography with Professor Michael Waschak:
3. Collaborators Page. Information about the faculty and campuses involved in the project.
4. 1st Draft of Visuals EFFECTIVE WEB DESIGN I - GROUP WORKING PROPOSALS. PDF example from Group 1.

This is the home to the Environmental Policy classes wiki in relation to the Multi-Campus Environmental Research and Media Collaboration space.This Wiki space is for use by faculty and students of the participating courses in environmental policy in all three campuses.







  1. Joint Ownership of a Multi-Campus Project: Demonstrate the potential for joint projects and exchanges among environmental and public policy faculty at the RIT campuses around the globe and provide the foundation for continued collaborate work. 
  2. Faculty Collaboration: Provide a venue for meaningful collaboration among the public policy and environmental faculty at all of the RIT campuses.
  3. Student Collaboration: Provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information, and promote friendships among the students from the various RIT campuses.
  4. Content Driven Environmental Projects: Students will plan and collect the best available information about environmental conditions around their university campus and region and organize the data into accessible annotated bibliographies and literature reviews.
  5. Visual Presentation of Data: Environmental Policy students will work collaboratively with Media and Graphics students to learn about and prepare visually appealing presentations of complex environmental data.