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Guide Notes

To create order on our collective and individual pages within our wiki we will begin to use the wikipedia guidelines as a general help. Those guidelines are available here:


1. Multi-Campus Environmental Research and Media Collaboration:
2. RIT KOSOVO (AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN KOSOVO) Environmental Policy Annotated Bibliography with Professor Michael Waschak:
3. Collaborators Page. Information about the faculty and campuses involved in the project.
4. 1st Draft of Visuals EFFECTIVE WEB DESIGN I - GROUP WORKING PROPOSALS. PDF example from Group 1.


Natural Environment of Kosovo



               Gjeravica peak

                 Peja,  tree site

                       River Ibar

         Marble cave of Gadime

                Mirusha Falls

              Sharri Mountains


Team Pairings for Environmental Policy & Effective Web Design 

Collaboration Between Waschak's Environmental Policy Classes & Cosentino's Effective Web Design I Class

Winter Group  1 Air from Kek / Heavy Metal Emissions fom KEK / Bike Project

 Luiza, Hafir, Gersi, Albina

Winter Group  2 River Pollution / Water pollution form Solid Waste

 Valbona, Ilirijana, Nora, Vjosa

Winter Group  3 Air Pollution from Mobile Sources / Wartime Damage

 Linda, Vanesa, Norik, Lurni

Winter Group  4 Deforestation / Mine Pollution

 Florjan, Egzon, Auron, Lirim

Winter Group  5 Trash Management / MCIM Waste

Kaltrina, Alberta, Leart,


Environmental Policy - (0508-484)
-Professor Michael Waschak


Group 7- Water Pollution by Solid Waste
Group 11- River Pollution in Kosova


Group 1- Air Pollution from Power Plants
Group 5- Air Pollution from Cars


Group 4- Heavy Metal Emissions
Group 8- Deforestation


Group 2- Environmental Impacts of the War
Group 9- Mining Pollution in Kosovo


Group 3- Trash Management in Kosovo
Group 6- Municipal, Commercial, Industrial, and Medical Wastes (Hazardous and Non-hazardous)


Effective Web Design I - (3088-398)
-Professor Daniel Cosentino


Group 1- Avci Engin, Bujar Hajdini,  Enis Retkoceri, William Palomo
Group 2- Arion Rizaj, Dardan Hajrizi, Lurni Bucinca, Rinor Murturi


Group 3-  Kushtrim Hisenaj, Premton Xhafa, Shkelqim Haxhiu
Group 4- Adelina Selmani, Albina Musahu, Flutra Xhemshiti, Nora Bulliqi, Valon Hyseni, Fisnik Ujkani


Group 5- Getoar Krasniqi, Gonxhe Amula, Kastriot Dragaj, Rita Saraci


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