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This answer is for the Data Analytics and Visualization in Health Care course only. View the following links for the answer to this question for the other programs:

What do I need to do to pass the course? What is the minimum passing grade for a certificate?

In the RITX Data Analytics and Visualization in Health Care (DVH600x), you must complete graded quizzes in each module by the course close date. You must get a cumulative grade (Total score) of 80% or higher in order to pass the course. You can view your Total score on your Progress Page.

If you want to get a certificate, you must upgrade to verified before the deadline listed on the course Home Page and pass the course with a 80% or higher.

Do I have to get a 80% on each graded activity to pass?

We only look at your cumulative grade (Total score). This means that you can get a lower grade on some quizzes and a higher score on other quizzes, as long as your Total score at the end of the course is 80% or higher.

If I miss or fail a graded activity, can I still pass the course?

Depending on how well you did on the other graded activities and how many total graded activities they are in the course, you may still be able to pass. Contact your course team and they can review your grades.