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RIT College of Liberal Arts Modern Language ASL courses

Web Site

Program Purpose

Provide ASL instruction to those interested in learning another language

For Credit?



RIT deaf and hearing students

Placement Interview Required?



MLAS 201 Beginning ASL I

MLAS 202 Beginning ASL II

MLAS 301 Intermediate ASL I

MLAS 302 Intermediate ASL II

MLAS 351 Linguistics of ASL

MLAS 401 Advanced ASL I

MLAS 402 Advanced ASL II


To view a list of courses, visit

To view course descriptions, visit and search for MLAS courses.

Course Schedule

Courses are offered, fall, spring, and summer.

If you are not a matriculated student, visit to view the course schedule.


Matriculated students register at

If you are not enrolled in an RIT degree program, download the Non-Degree Enrollment form and send it to the Registrar. To view the contact information for the Registrar, visit


Sandra Bradley, Minor Adviser
(585) 286-5149,

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