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How to publish a web page on the CIS web server

To access an individual user's web page on the CIS web server, the format is in the form The ~ in ~abcpci is a short-cut to the public_html directory in abcpci's home directory.
In this example, that would be /cis/staff/abcpci/public_html.

To publish your web page, put all the files and directories that make up your web page in your public_html directory. If you have never done this before, you may need to create that directory.

Once the directory is created, the files can be created in the directory with an editor such as vi or emacs, or they can be uploaded with a package such as Dreamweaver.

If only a directory is selected in the URL, for example,, it will load the default web page. Those default names are: index.php index.shtml index.html and index.htm. The server will look for those files in that order. The standard default for the main web page is index.html If your page contains PHP code, the standard is index.php.

After the files are placed under public_html, the file and directory permissions needs to be set. At the very least, directories need to world-execute and files need to be world-readable. Your home directory will also need to be world execute.

Assuming a web page with only the index.html file, here is a sample setup. It is assumed the user is in his/her home direcory:

chmod 711 .

chmod 711 public_html

chmod 744 public_html/index.html

With those permissions, the index.html file for user abcpci will be displayed as or

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