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To connect to CIS computers, use SSH. Please note, unsecured protocols such as telnet are not allowed in the CIS.


On Windows, you have a few options for SSH clients. We recommend the following options:


Mac OSX - Linux Workstations

MacOS/X, and Linux all have ssh built in. Open a Terminal and type the following to see how it works:

ssh --help

A simple example of using it is as follows:

ssh yourcisname@someciscomputer

and it will connect.

Host Keys

SSH clients will prompt you to accept a host's key the first time you connect to the host. Host keys are unique and indicate that you're connecting to the same computer every time. If it asks you to accept a different key in the future, be careful of just accepting the new key without finding out if it really changed.

Hosts List

Here are some computers you can connect to. When you're in building 76:


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