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  • Windows 10 Remote Desktop Setup
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This guide will walk through the configuration of remote desktop functions on Windows 10.


Configuring Remote Access

Remote access is configured from the remote configuration option. Type "remote" in your search bar and select "Allow remote access to this computer"

Select the option for "Allow remote connections to this computer"

Select Apply, and your computer will be ready for remote connections.


Connecting to a remote session

In order to connect to a remote session, open the Remote Desktop Connection application. Enter either the hostname of your PC, or your IP address. In order to find the name, go to Your PC, right click and select "Properties"

Your hostname will be <computer name> Alternatively, you can use an IP address. In order to obtain this, open a command prompt window, and type the command "ipconfig", and look for the IPv4 address

Enter this information, along with the username of the account you're connecting to and it's password, into the Desktop Connection application, and connect. You should be connected remotely. If you not, you may need to VPN into the RIT network in order for the connection to work. Please contact if you have any issues or questions.

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