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To get the best output, check these items before recording:

Computer readiness

To maximize your computer's recording resources:

  • Close other browser windows and open applications
  • Minimize USB devices connected (if using a USB-connected webcam)
  • Plug in laptops (“Power Save” modes can reduce performance)

Test your video and audio 

Check the inputs in your recording settings to make sure it's using the correct camera and microphone.

Check the audio bars in your recording settings to make sure you're getting sufficient sound. Move the record volume slider up/down as appropriate to capture the right level.  


See the Recording Tips below for best practices on setting up your recording environment for optimal video and audio. Create a test video in the same environment (room, recording PC, camera) you’ll be using and make 1 or 2 practice recordings to ensure quality.

Recording tips

Device orientation

Orient your phone/tablet to landscape for your recording (so it's wide, not tall), unless you have a really good reason to record in portrait orientation.


Position the camera

  • For self-recording, be sure your head, shoulders, and elbows are in the picture frame. You should allow a little space above your head, below your elbows and on the sides, so your hands aren't cut off at the ends of the frame when you sign. If you are too far away or too close to the camera, viewing is difficult.


  • For in-class presentations, ensure you’re capturing ALL of the presenting space, including any on-screen slides. However, be sure you can still pick up quality audio. (See Audio section below.)


If possible, stand in front of a solid, light-colored background.  Be aware that some cameras do not record bright white backgrounds very well.  Remove clutter and make sure there is nothing inappropriate showing.


Make sure you have adequate lighting. Particularly, try to have more light in front of you than behind you.  Otherwise you may be shadowed badly.  Household lamps may help if doing self-recording.

Clothing & Appearance

Wear solid-colored clothing that contrasts with your background. Keep hair and hands away from your face.


Test different recording distances from the microphone to find the best spot.

  • For self-recording, sit an appropriate distance from your camera. Being too close can result in garbled/poor audio.
  • For in-class presentations, be sure the presenters project their voices well and stay turned toward the microphone source.  You may wish to try a remote microphone that can capture a wider audio range. Using one that is designed for room recording will usually be better than a desktop webcam.
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