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Camtasia Studio is an application that records desktop images, webcam video, and audio. It also provides a robust set of editing tools so that the finished videos can include transition effects, text callouts, and other engaging media components. Faculty can use Camtasia to create simple videos on their desktop for use in classes. No additional hardware is required beyond a laptop's built-in microphone and webcam, however, it does provide the flexibilty to use mobile device cameras or USB recording equipment.

Camtasia Studio Overview

Download / Install Camtasia Studio

The Camtasia Studio RIT site license is restricted to faculty use. An instructor can install a copy of the Camtasia software on RIT on-site computers and on one home computer. Do not redistribute the license, please direct users to this page.

To ensure Camtasia will run on your computer, please review the system requirements prior to installation.

Use the following link to login with your RIT computer account and password and access detailed install instructions. Your college/department IT support may be needed to assist you with the install.

Steps for getting started with Camtasia Studio

Prior to recording, review the Checklist for Video Recording

  1. Record your screen/camera/audio and edit your recording.
  2. Produce your video as a local file (choose the "MP4 only" option).
  3. Upload / insert your video in myCourses
  4. Request captioning

Request a consultation with TLS Staff on using academic technologies.



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