Course Video Tools Overview

RIT provides the following tools for instructors for creating and sharing asynchronous course videos:

  • Camtasia is an application that records screen captures, webcam video, and audio. It also provides a robust set of editing tools so that the finished videos can include transition effects, text callouts, and other engaging media components.  Common uses include screen recording tutorials/demonstrations, short lecture videos with instructor on camera, and voiced-over slideshow recordings. Videos are stored in Panopto for use in myCourses.

  • Panopto is RIT's cloud-based streaming video server. It allows instructors to share videos in myCourses automatically to students enrolled in that course. Playback is streamed to ensure smooth viewing and accessibility across a variety of devices. Panopto also includes recording tools and lightweight editing software that can be used instead of Camtasia, and allows instructors to facilitate video-based assignments, discussions, and quizzes.


The primary documentation for Camtasia and Panopto is provided by the vendors. Below are some specific curated resources to get you started. Note that certain resources may refer to D2L Brightspace, which is the vendor name for myCourses.


In addition, this wiki space includes resources about using course videos in a classroom context, best practices, captioning, frequently asked questions, and more. For information on third-party videos, RIT Library supplied videos, or other videos you have found on the internet, review Existing/Found Media Video Process. Use the table of contents navigation to the left or the search box below. This wiki is intended for instructors and provides pages that instructors can share with students.

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