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This document explains how to insert existing videos from your RIT video library into myCourses.


Request Captioning

Captioning is not automatic.  After you upload a video into myCourses please complete the online captioning request form, captioning turnaround time is one week and it will appear on your already inserted videos.


Tiny Link

STEP 1: Create a New File

  1. Log into myCourses and open your course shell.
  2. Open the Content area of your course.
  3. Within the Content area click New, then click Create a File.  You can skip this step if you want to insert your video in existing content, news, or discussion posts.

STEP 2: Insert Stuff

  1. Enter a title for this file that corresponds to the video(s) that you will be inserting.

  2. Click on the Insert Stuff icon.

STEP 3: Select Ensemble Video

  1. Click on the Ensemble Video link found on the left side menu.  This will only work if you have first requested a video library from TLS media services, this can be done by emailing

STEP 4: Upload / Find Video

  1. You will see a list of the individual videos currently in your RIT video library.
  2. If you want to insert one of your video playlists (a list of videos for an entire course or by category), click on the tab at the top labeled Choose Playlist.  Playlists can be created and managed by logging into, contact for assistance in setting one up.
  3. Click the green plus symbol that corresponds with the playlist that you want to insert
  4. Then click Save




STEP 5: Insert Video Playlist

  1. Review the video, if it looks as you desire then click Insert.

STEP 6: Publish Video Playlist

  1. Add any additional text above or below the video, or repeat the process to add another video.
  2. Click Publish to complete the process.



A Video tutorial that illustrates how to both upload a video and insert a video into myCourses can be found here: