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The App solution:

The best app for recording video using a phone or tablet is:

This app helps to ensure video will be recorded in the correct orientation.  As this app is priced at $2, the alternative is to follow the directions below and pay close attention to how the camera is being held.

How to Record Video on iPhone or iPad for Ensemble Video

Knowing how to record video on iPhone or iPad is a very useful thing to master these days.  it's very important that our students know how to record video on iPhone or their iPad - and also that they know how to submit them to their teachers in the most efficient way possible.  

A common issue we see with our students is that their videos are sometimes upside down once they've been processed by our system. To avoid this, here's some quick tips about recording videos on iPhone or iPad that will ensure that your video doesn't not come out upside down or sideways (hint: it's all about right orientation):

  • When you record with an iPhone or iPad, the internal gyroscope adjusts the orientation automatically. 
  • Properly position your device before recording video so it doesn’t flip the orientation after processing.

How to Record Video on iPhone:

You can record video on your iPhone as long as you are sure to record using "Landscape Orientation" and the Record button is on the RIGHT side, as you're looking at the screen. Pretty simple, yes?


How to Record Video on iPhone


 Recording Video on iPhone

Recording Video on an iPad:

Right now, the only way to record a video on an iPad and have it work on our site without flipping is to use the "Facetime" camera.  This is the camera on the screen side, with the record button on the LEFT. It is a bit counter-intuitive, because the natural inclination is to have the button on the right (like on the iPhone)... but remember, it must be on the LEFT. 

We don't recommend using the HD camera (the camera on the back of the iPad) to record videos, because in order to get yourself in the screen, you'd have to sit pretty far away and the sound quality would suffer. Here's how it should look: