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RIT does not have an officially supported video tool geared for student use. Since technology changes rapidly and the needs of the students vary widely, TLS does not maintain a list of recommendations for video tools for students. However, TLS does provide the following information to help faculty support their students in creating videos.

Record Presentations on Campus

Students in all majors can use the Expressive Communication Center located in the Wallace Library to create and record presentations. Peer consultants are available to coach students on presentation preparation and delivery. Students can download video recordings as a file, which can then be submitted to the faculty using the method the faculty indicates in the assignment instructions.

Have Students Help Each Other

Instead of trying to keep up with the latest technology and being a video tool expert, ask the students for ideas. Create a discussion forum in your course where students can recommend video creation tools to each other. Many students are technology-savvy and already know of and use tools to create videos for social media and communications. Students can help each other learn the tools and troubleshoot issues. This collaborative learning can also help build connections among classmates.

Being able to select appropriate technology is a good skill for students to build. Encourage them to:

  • Think about the goals of the assignment and what they need the technology to do for them.
  • Search online for recommendations. There are many blogs with lists of low to no cost tools.
  • Review online tutorials on using the tools. If there is no public documentation on how to use the tool, it may not be the best tool to pick.
  • Experiment with different tools to see what best fits their needs.

Video Creation Best Practices

The same best practices we share with faculty about creating videos also apply to students. View TLS's page on Creating Course Videos

Captioning Media

View RIT's Student Guidelines for Captioning Audio-­Visual Media.

Collecting Student Assignments

If you would like more information on how to best implement a student-created video assignment in your course, request a consultation with an ILI staff member.

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