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Welcome to the IGM Student Guide! Anyone may view these pages, but only those with edit access may add or edit content or pages.

To request access, please log into the wiki with your RIT DCE (top right corner of this page,barring any layout changes). This will not immediately grant you editing permissions, but will add you to the wiki's database (so that we can GRANT said permissions). Afterwards, send an email to, and/or  with the subject "Wiki Access" in the subject. A confirmation email will be sent to you promptly, at which point, you're good to go!

Posting Guidelines

General rule of thumb: Whenever you add content of a page, pretend you are saying what you're adding to another student in the IGM office. This means:

  • Don't bad mouth professors, students, or classes.
  • Do feel free to explain the class beyond its syllabus.
    • Keep in mind, many professors teach the class differently.
    • If major projects are part of the curriculum you should mention them. (e.g. In the former GSD3 class, you have occasional homework assignments but a term-long group project)
    • Put the goal of the class. (e.g. New Media Interactive Design and Algorithmic Problem Solving I teaches you basic concepts of programming)
  • Try to keep a neutral tone, free from bias.
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