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Welcome to our showcase of 2021 Multidisciplinary Senior Design projects

Each year, seniors in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering departments of Biomedical, Computer, Electrical, Industrial & Systems, and Mechanical Engineering complete two-semester design projects. These students have worked with clients to do everything from defining the design problem through building and testing prototype parts.  All our teams exhibit at Imagine RIT, and we invite you to visit their virtual exhibits here:  These exhibits provide you with project highlights. To the left, you can access individual team summary pages. 

Short "lightning talks" from each of our projects are available on YouTube:

All 2020-21 projects

Biomedical and Assistive Device projects

Aerospace Systems projects

Land Vehicle Systems projects

Automated Systems and Controls projects

Sustainability projects

Printing and Imaging Systems projects

Materials Processing projects

Manufacturing and Process Improvement projects

If you're looking for past projects, our archives are also online:

2019-20 projects

2018-19 projects

Projects from before 2018

Interested in submitting a project proposal? Fill out this form and one of our project prep team members will contact you. You will be asked to set up a new account, which will automatically link you to any project you propose, and provide some basic information about the project you have in mind.

General information about industry sponsored projects is available here:


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