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Client: Dematic

Team: Dematic Model Warehouse

Jack HicksonComputer Engineering

Team Facilitator
Brian ShiElectrical Engineering

Team Member
James LeeElectrical Engineering

Purchasing Manager
Shane MurphyElectrical Engineering

Communications Manager
Noorzod AripovIndustrial & Systems Engineering

Project Manager
Nick KrodthoffMechanical EngineeringTeam
Eric L'HeureuxMechanical EngineeringLead

Project Overview:

Dematic is a supply chain automation company with many locations spread out across the globe. In particular, our Rochester office utilizes a scaled replica model of an automated storage/retrieval system (AS/RS) as a sales tool, an educational tool for our engineers and employees, and as a recruiting tool for incoming talent. Dematic is invested in improving this model to expand on sales, training, and recruiting opportunites. This year will continue the efforts of our multi-year senior design program, established with RIT, in 2019. There is project scope left to complete with our model ASRS which should serve as a great starting point, challenge, and learning experience for an incoming RIT MSD team. Current Dematic Co-ops are encouraged to utilize this project for their senior design efforts as well as other RIT seniors.

As a multidisciplinary senior design project, group members will learn and understand specific Dematic systems used in distribution centers across the world. Students will need to understand the systems in order to improve and expand upon the current model. Students will engineer and implement operational, interactive, scaled versions of these systems. The main challenge will be finding innovative solutions around the size constraints that a scaled down model provides.

ImagineRIT Video:

Subsystem Images:

Technical Poster:

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