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Preliminary Detailed Design Models 

Tiller control concept: Gear (left), central lead screw (middle) or offset lead screw (right).

SailBot and tiller attachment CAD model: 

SailBot fiberglass casing:

Final Prototypes & Renderings

SailBot lead screw tiller attachment:

Test bench modeled after the back corner of a Sonar sailboat:

User Controls CAD model:

A 3D printed base houses the electronics and feedback display. There is a slat for the different control options (joystick, wheel and dial) to slide in and out of for quick and easy transition based on the user's preference.

Two renditions of the feedback display were printed. The final design, on the right controller, was determined based on feedback and comfort ratings from volunteers.


Rendering summarizing the overall design of SailBot. A demonstration of SailBot in use was not possible due to the limitations brought on by the Caronavirus pandemic.

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