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Project Summary

Project Information

Welcome to the P20032 SailBot Main Page!

Sailing is a popular sport that can be practiced competitively or for recreation, and is practiced among a wide variety of individuals, from young children to older retirees. For any sailor, however, a considerable amount of strength, coordination, and agility is required for a successful sailing session.

AllSail is a team of seven students who want to share this passion with everyone.

Community Boating is a non-profit boathouse located in Boston, Massachusetts. The mission of Community Boating is to enable sailing for all. One program they use is the Universal Access, which gives sailors with disabilities the opportunity to sail on the Charles river. Many people with disabilities spend a large part of their days being guided around their homes, and this program provides them with a desired feeling of control. AllSail hopes to design a device that helps Community Boating in this mission.

AllSail is designing a device called SailBot: a portable device that can control a sailboat’s steering using a variety of electronically controlled methods.The ability to electronically control a Sonar gives Community Boating the opportunity to provide members a true feeling of control when they sail.

The goals of this project are to create a new device that uses current technologies to make a portable, comfortable control method for a common sonar boat. The expected result is a prototype that is intuitive for the user; and that boathouses can install and remove quickly between sessions.

We look forward to your viewing of our progress!

Assistive Sailing on RS Venture

Primary customer: Community Boating's Universal Access Program

Project Title: SailBot

Project Number: P20032

Project Family: Biomedical and Assistive Devices

Start Term: 2191

End Term: 2195

Faculty Guide: Jim Whritenor

Primary Customer: Universal Access Program

Sponsor (financial support): Genesee Yacht Club

Team Members

Matthew MillerElectrical Engineering

Maxwell MessieMechanical Engineering

Lead Engineer
Thomas DavisElectrical Engineering

Amit RogelMechanical Engineering

Project Manager
Michael Robinson IIMechanical Engineering

Madeline PizzoIndustrial Design

Lead Industrial Designer
Erica KabatBiomedical

Work Breakdown: By Phase

Work Breakdown: By Topic

Project Management

Design Tools

Design Documentation



Presentation & Dissemination





Risk and Problem Management

Communication & Minutes

Use Cases


Functional Decomposition

Morphological Chart

Pugh Concept Selection


Mechanical Drawings

Electrical Drawings


Test Fixtures


Test Plans

Analysis Results


Test Results

Technical Paper



  • The Genesee Yacht Club and it's following affiliates for their contributions: 
    • Dr. Dale Ewbank
    • Mr. Robert Bayley
    • Mr. John Cake
    • Mr. Chris Joyce
    • Mr. Gus Gleichauf
    • Mr. Dave Overy
    • Mr. Bill Thompson
    • Mr. James Kavanaugh
    • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pytlak
    • Mr. and Mrs. Craig Roth
    • Commodore Rich Allen
    • All anonymous donors 
  • Donald Rider for his generous donations
  • Brian To for his generous donation 
  • Community Boating
  • Universal Access Program
  • James Whritenor

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