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Equipment Required

Drone PrototypeItem being tested-
Indoor facility with no windEndurance test of infrastructure-
StopwatchFor timing-

Test Results

ResultTest failed. Prerequisites not met. Existing prototype does not fly, so this test cannot be completed.
Date23 Nov. 2020
SignatureBen Morgan Palmer

Testing Procedure

  1. In large indoor (windless) enclosure, launch drone and fly on predetermined path without deviation.
  2. Start timer at moment of launch.
  3. Keep timer running while drone is in the air.
  4. Stop timer when drone touches down, lands, or crashes. If the drone is close to the ground and it is difficult to tell if it has touched, assume it has for worst case scenario testing.
  5. Record results. run test multiple times to ensure repeatability.

Change Log



Team NameP20123
Date23 April 2020
AuthorBen Palmer
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