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Equipment Required

Memory DeviceMemory unit will be the only memory that needs testing-
Telemetry SubsystemTelemetry subsystem needs latency testing-


Test Results

Date29 Oct 2020
SignatureAndrew H. Meyer
CommentsTelemetry system with XBees only works well outside. Latency is less than 1 second for transmission within 500m.  Data storage is done on Raspberry Pi's SD card, and the Raspberry Pi can address a 64GB SDXC card.

Testing Procedure

  1.  Decide which device is used for the memory unit
  2. Ensure that the device specs match memory size required
  3. Test that telemetry data can be transmitted back to the ground station within a given amount of time

Change Log

23 Nov 2020Updated description to match merge w/ S02.  Filled in relevant testing results.


Team NameP20123
Date23 April 2020
AuthorSabrina Ly
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