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Equipment Required

Bill of MaterialsTo understand the materials making up the drone-

Test Results

ResultPartial failure. Drone was not built to completion, so list of materials incomplete.
Date23 Nov. 2020
SignatureBen Morgan Palmer
CommentsList of preliminary decomposition times can be found on "Customer Hand-off & Final Documentation" page

Testing Procedure

  1. For each material/item in the bill of materials, research and note how long it takes for said material to decompose/break down and how long before it would 'expire' (i.e. leach dangerous chemicals).
  2. For each material/item in the B.O.M, research and compile the best recycling/disposal practices.
  3. The compilation and documentation of all the above will constitute a successful result for this test.

Change Log



Team NameP20123
Date23 April 2020
AuthorBen Palmer
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