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Equipment Required

Fuselage with wings attachedUUT
Drop LocationThe frame needs to be weighted and dropped to observe if it is stable.

Test Results

ResultTest failed. Prerequisites not met. Existing prototype does not have a physical fuselage, so this test cannot be completed.
Date23 Nov. 2020
SignatureBen Morgan Palmer

Testing Flowchart

  1. Take weighted fuselage and attached wings to the drop location which is high enough from the ground to test.
  2. Drop the fuselage nose-down.
  3. Move to the crash site
  4. Observe the state of the airframe.  Test passes if the airframe is still flightworthy.

Change Log

23 April 2020Initialization.  We don't have the height for this figured out


Team NameP20123
Date23 April 2020
AuthorAndy Meyer
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