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Project Summary

Project Information

The Wide Area Ice Thickness Sensor is a remote controlled vehicle that traverses frozen lakes and streams in order to measure ice thickness as the user drives the vehicle. This ensures that there is a safe ice thickness that is designated by the user. The primary target consumers for this project are cold weather sports enthusiasts, ice fishermen, and safety personnel. This product is to have characteristics that allow it to be remotely operated, sense between 1” and 12” of ice, can be easily transported to and from operation zones, operate in sub-zero temperatures, has a battery life that will last multiple uses, report back/indicate the sensor safety readings, and be inexpensive overall.

There are currently no products meant for the commercial or residential applicants that fit these requirements. Products available are either stationary, expensive, and/or vehicle towed. The way ice thickness is measured in lieu of these expensive industrial/research applications is by physically hitting the ice with a heavy stick at range or drill into the ice for accurate measuring. The WAITS sensor will alleviate the high capacity of danger that is associated with this practice. This device will have a commercial price range for many individuals including ice fishermen, first-responder personnel, and other winter enthusiasts.

The end goal of this project is to have a danger reducing and potentially life-saving remotely operated vehicle that is inexpensive, accurate, has sub-zero applications, over one hour of battery life, portable, and easy to use device. This project’s challenges will lie in finding an accurate top-down sensor reading, battery life in sub-zero temperatures, and have proper weight and size for portability/transportation.

Project Title: Wide Area Ice Thickness Sensor (WAITS)

Project Number: P20321

Start Term: 2191 Fall 2019

End Term: Spring 2020

Faculty Guide: Charlie Hacker

Primary Customer: Wayne Evans & Matt Kremers

Sponsor (financial support): Wayne Evans & Matt Kremers

Team Members

Jake CollinsElectrical and Computer Engineering

Lead Engineer
Karl StoneBS/ME Mechanical Engineer

Nathan JohnsonBS/MS Electrical Engineer

Lead Transcriber
Elise KingMechanical Engineering

Documentation Master
Alexander DieroffMechanical Engineering

Project Manager
Austin BroganComputer EngineeringHead of
Chris GuariniComputer EngineeringHead of

Work Breakdown: By Phase

Work Breakdown: By Topic

Use this space to link to live/final documents throughout the project. Your team should customize this as-needed, with input from your guide and customer. The example below will address most of what most teams need to capture.

Project Management

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Risk Management

Problem Management

Communication & Minutes

Use Cases


Functional Decomposition

Morphological Chart

Pugh Concept Selection


Mechanical Drawings

Electrical Schematics

Software Diagrams

Facility Layout



Test Fixtures


Test Plans

Analysis Results


Test Results

Design Review Documents

Technical Paper


Imagine RIT Exhibit


Wayne Evans and Matt Kremers: Thank you for being an amazing customer and supporting us through this process.

Charlie Hacker: We've been honored to be your first ever group and your best group ever. We've appreciated the countless hours that you have spent with us these last two semesters, and without your help the WAITSensor would not even exist.

RIT: Gave us the space to work in and develop an amazing product.

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