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Team Vision for Detailed Design Phase


Update MaintainX and MaxPanda for testing by GCVM

Entered information relevant to GCVM in both MaintainX and MaxPanda
Run limited test with GCVM to help select between the two optionsWalked GCVM through basic MaintainX features and added Scott and Peter as administrators.
Further update the selected optionMaintainX was selected to move forward with, we have worked to add features needed for implementation at GCVM
Begin implementationPlanning to begin implementation first week of MSDII

Progress Report


  • Update MaintainX and MaxPanda for testing by GCVM
  • Run limited test with GCVM to help select between the two options
  • Further update the selected option
  • Begin implementation


  • Update MaintainX and MaxPanda for testing by GCVM
  • Run limited test with GCVM to help select between the two options
  • Further update the selected option

Remaining Tasks

  • Implement system
  • Train GCVM employees
  • Add current work orders to begin archival process
  • Get list of non historic buildings
  • Get a list of job categories and building assets from Peter and Scott

Decisions Made

  • GCVM will be using MaintainX


Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

MaintainX allows for locations and images to be easily input.

MaintainX allows for the easy creation of New Work Orders with images, description, priority, assignment, location, and assets.

MaintainX allows input of employees or vendors in the vendors section. This provides them with an email and text of the work order they have been assigned to as well as a work history for the admin.

Iterative activities to demonstrate feasibility, including assumptions you made in your analyses or simulations. Have you completed sufficient analysis to ensure that your design will satisfy requirements? Have you included all usage scenarios in your modeling?

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Please refer to the Preliminary Detailed Design Phase Design and Flowcharts section for all Schematics, Flow Charts ect. as nothing has changed since that review.

Bill of Material (BOM)

Similar to the System Level Review we have no actual materials that need to be purchased for this project due to it's online nature. We are currently trying out 2 CMMS software systems, one is free and one is costing us $39 dollars a month. When it comes time to transfer to the client we will discuss with them how the cost will be transferred to them opposed to us.

Test Plans

Test NumberTest NameDescriptionDefinition of SuccessEngineering RequirementRisks
1Ease of Access (Customer)Check with the customer, allow them to test the system and work with it.the system is simple and straightforward to use from the customer's point of view.

Dashboard view of jobs

Able to accept multiple attachment types

Able to notify when work needs to be done

All management staff is able to use system

Customer decides late in the process that the system is too complicated
2CustomizationUse the system, see if it there is an option to customize things like buildings, locations, rooms, task types ect.The system allows the addition of different buildings, roles, assets, and maintenance categories to make finding information easierMust be able to track all 68 buildingsSystem could be overly complicated
3Manager ControlsUse the system, make sure that there is an assignment for manager/administratorThe system allows the manager to do things like assign priority and make adjustments to the work orders.Permission features for different users

Too little granularity in user permissions causing customer to compromise on permissions

Too much granularity in customer permissions, causing confusion and errors by customer

4PriceThe cost of the systemMeets or is less than the customer's budgetWithin budget

The system is out of the customers budget

The system becomes out of customers budget

5ReportsTest the report features in the systemThe customer is happy with the reports that are generated and finds them useful

track all buildings

the feature to generate reports is locked behind a price wall
6Ability to schedule jobsMake sure that the system has the capability to have a job planned and notify the user when the time is coming for the jobThe system has the capability to plan work and notify the userincrease planned maintenanceJob scheduling is either locked or more complex than desired
7Ability to modify & update WO'sMake sure that the system has the ability to modify and update work orders after they're submittedThe system has the capability to let the manager modify the work orders after they've been submittedLabor Tracking on RepairsWorkers can modify their own work orders

Design and Flowcharts

The Flowchart is the same flowchart that was used in the Design Review. Please refer to the Preliminary Detailed Design Phase for the flowchart

Risk Assessment

IDCategoryRisk ItemEffectCauseLikelihoodSeverityImportanceAction to Minimize RiskOwner
 What type of risk is this?Describe the risk brieflyWhat is the effect on any or all of the project deliverables if the cause actually happens?What are the possible cause(s) of this risk?LSL*SWhat action(s) will you take (and by when) to prevent, reduce the impact of, and/or transfer the risk of this occurring?Who is responsible for following through on mitigation?
1ResourceCustomer changes scopeNew project proposalOutside source has different idea3618Meet/email customer bi-weeklyShawn
2ResourceCustomer does not get back to us with relevant informationCan not move forward with projectCustomer is busy to devote time to project9327Assign tasks to customers in emailShawn
3TechnicalCustomer isn't happy with productUnhappy customerProduct not what their looking for3618Meet/email customer bi-weeklyShawn
4TechnicalFailure to integrate with current systemFailed systemLack of attention166Updated software with GCVM buildings - trialing Team
5FunctionalPast repairs get lost No history of repairsArchive system not working3618Experiment with small sample size of GCVM repairsTeam
6SocietalTeam member stops contributingMore work on othersLack of motivation166Accept RiskTeam
7SocietalBuildings isnt on a secure siteInformation gets leakedNot created on a secure site166Make sure a secure sight is usedTeam
8SocietalNo feedback from benchmark companiesLess benchmark productsCompanies not willing to work with us111Demo CMMS software Connor
9SocietalPrice of subscription increases for bought softwareGCVM can't afford systemEconomy shifts3618Accept RiskTeam
10TechnicalPurchased software can't be modifiedGCVM isn't happySystem has no edit feature6636Test software before purchasingTeam
11TechnicalPurchased software company shuts down GCVM doesn’t have a systemBankruptcy199Accept RiskTeam
12TechnicalSystem can't run exact reports museum wantsGCVM isn't happyGCVM is looking for different report3618Show GCVM what reports are available Team
13TechnicalSystem received is too complexGCVM doesn’t use systemOverthinking of needs/requirements199Bi-weekly meetings to ensure on right pathShawn
14TechnicalSoftware doesn’t get usedMaintenance requests go back to normalLack of investment166Bi-weekly meetings with GCVMShawn
15TechnicalPurchase Software doesn’t meet all requirementsGCVM isn't happySoftware isn't in depth enough133Ensure software covers basis by trialsTeam

This Risk Assessment has been updated based on the meetings with GCVM and what they are looking for and where we currently are in the process.  A completed Risk Management Template found in Risk Management V4.xlsx

Plans for next phase

  • Get all remaining assets and buildings into MaintainX
  • Obtain raw CSV output from MaintainX and create macros on data
  • look into crystal ball and other reporting software
  • Begin to put in real, live repair requests into the system

Shawn Nevers

Tyler Valentine

Connor Rollins

Jacob Goerner

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