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What is PeerEval?

PeerEval is an online peer evaluation tool developed at RIT which integrates with our course management system, myCourses. It provides a way for students to share their own impressions regarding how their groups worked together on a project.

PeerEval offers flexibility in course evaluations by allowing a course to have multiple evaluations associated with it. These could be used for evaluations of the same group through out the academic term, or evaluations may be associated with different group categories to evaluate a variety of course activities.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Using a peer evaluation tool lets you gather feedback from students directly, instead of only evaluating their participation in a group based on the final deliverable.
  • Using PeerEval in a formative fashion will allow an instructor to receive feedback from group members about how well a group is working together throughout the entire process instead of only at the end of the project. This is useful in that the instructor could intervene if needed before a problem becomes an impediment to student success.

Accessing PeerEval

Instructors and students can always access PeerEval at

On accessing PeerEval you will be asked to log in to myCourses if you are not already logged in with your RIT Computer Account. A navigation bar link and a home page widget are also available on myCourses for instructors to add to a course if desired.

The main page will list the current credit-bearing course offerings you are associated with.



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