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What is CampusGroups?

RIT CampusGroups, a student engagement tool utilized by the Division of Student Affairs at RIT, is supported by Assessment, Technology, and Communications. CampusGroups can be used to help Student Affairs recognized student groups and departments promote on campus events and programs, communicate with members of their group, track attendance, collect information through forms, and much more. In addition, CampusGroups provides a platform for students to:

  • Search for clubs and events

  • Promote events

  • Keep track of events and sync them to their calendar

  • Easily check-in at events

  • Share updates and photos

  • Check the latest news from their group or organization

  • Connect with classmates

  • Register for events

  • Purchase tickets for events

  • And much more!

CampusGroups Status

Who can use CampusGroups?

CampusGroups is currently used by the Division of Student Affairs, the Division of Diversity of Inclusion, and student organizations with the Division of Academic Affairs. We are actively gauging interest in CampusGroups from all over the Institute, so if your department or organization does not fall under any of those areas, please contact the RIT CampusGroups team to let us know of your interest!

Where do I go...

To request a new RIT CampusGroups page:

Please note: if your department or groups does not already have a CampusGroups presence,
you must complete the Utilization Interest Questionnaire before requesting a page.

To request access changes:

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