Blog from May, 2016

Week 15: Payload Selection

Thank you for everyone who attended today's meeting. Below is the results of our payload review

We decided to hold voting for payloads remotely, so that everyone can have input. The poll will close Tuesday May 17th at midnight.

Remember to consider this will be our main payload for the CSLI proposal and that the payload is just a small part of the overall engineering challenge for the cubesat mission.
The three payloads are:
  • Radiation Memory Test
  • Electrodynamic Tether
  • Atmospheric Re-entry

ImagineRIT 2 Days to Go!

Just a reminder to sign up for a time slot at the booths for Saturday. Amber and Phil will be emailing out final information for Saturday. Meal cards and t-shirts have already been picked up and will be there in the morning. Setup starts at 8am and the festival starts at 10. Good luck on the finishing touches for projects! 

HAB2 Launch Sunday May 8th, 11am Parking Lot H

The HAB team will be launching their second balloon this Sunday. Come out and support your fellow SPEX members and watch as we launch something to the edge of space!

End of Year Dinner at MacGreggor's Next Week TBD

It's a SPEX tradition to end every semester with dinner at MacGregors'. It should be a fun time to hang out and relax going into finals week. I've made a when2meet poll to see what time works the best for everyone. This event is open to all ages.

Feasibility Review Saturday May 14th, 11am A300

Having worked on payload exploration projects this semester, it is time to come together to see where we stand, what worked and what didn't, and how we'll proceed as a group going into the Fall semester. Everyone's encouraged to attend, even if you didn't work on a payload project. We'll also be discussing improvements to the group in general.