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Hello everyone, 

First General Meeting

Our first general meeting is this Saturday, August 27th, @ 12pm in Hugh. L. Carey 14-2575/14-2585. We'll be in this room for the entire semester. If you are interested in joining SPEX I encourage you to attend this meeting as we will be kicking off our work on the CubeSat Launch Initiative. If you need interpreting services, please request them through RIT.
Meeting Outline:
  • Update on Mission Proposal
  • Define CubeSat Launch Initiative(CSLI) proposal requirements and deadlines
  • Overview of Subsystems
  • Divide into Subsystem groups and choose group leads.

Freshman/New Member Introduction Meetings

We'll be having two info sessions on Tuesday 8/30 and Wednesday 8/31 @ 5pm in HLC 14-2575/14-2585. PJ will be covering a brief history of SPEX, a breakdown of cubesats by subsystem, and an overview of the projects for the semester. If you need interpreting services, please request them through RIT.


Attached below are a few good resources to read.
Gantt Chart Timeline for the CSLI

CubeSat Primer: Contain good resources on cubesats, chapters from Space Mission Analysis and Design, and NASA's Small Satellite State of the Art Technology report.

RIT SPEX Fall Outline: Overview of our subsystem goals for the proposal and other goals for the group.

I can't wait to see you all tomorrow. Let's have a great semester.

T.J. Tarazevits
Student Director, RIT Space Exploration
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