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Hello everyone,

Last weekend went really well and we made a lot of great progress on defining the mission and subsystem requirements. The next major milestone for the CSLI is to define a Concept of Operations for each subsystem. This is a document that defines how the satellite will meet its subsystem requirements. This includes the mission plan, major components, and timeline to flight. This is the bulk of the design process before we start writing the CSLI documents and will take several weeks.

We'll be meeting Saturday, at 12pm in HLC 14-2575/14-2585. 


  • Subsystem Update
  • Wrap up Subsystem Requirements
  • ConOp Overview


Chris Pape has been working on swag orders. There are three options in different price ranges: T-Shirts, Polos, and Jackets
Fill out the form if you are interested. Since the price is subject to the quanitity that you order, we're going to consider responses on the form as commitments to purchase once the order goes out.

Project Sign-ups

We have several side projects in addition to the CSLI. These will happen only if there is interest. All of these projects have a short timeline(~semester) and will be hands-on. If your're looking to be more involved and don't have much work to do in your subsystem, I encourage you to sign up!

Team Roster

Dr. Patru (EE professor and SPEX advisor) would like a team roster. This will also be useful to determine our knowledge base.
major/minor (if applicable)
year level (in major)
certifications/experiences/projects/other (e.g. licensed amateur radio operator)
any co-op experience
This is our main contact list. Some of your information is already on the form from the club fair/past rosters.
Hope everyone is having a great week and I'll see you all Saturday!
T.J. Tarazevits
Student Director, RIT Space Exploration
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