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Creating your Signature

RIT requires that our email signature follow the RIT Signature Standards.  You can go to to generate a signature that you can copy and paste into your mail client that meets these standards.


Start by opening Outlook and clicking on File and then Options.

Click on Mail along the left-hand side and then Signatures.

To create a new signature, click on the New button and give your signature a name. We recommend RIT. Then click OK.

Then setup your signature. Use the drop downs in the upper right-hand corner to set your signature for your email account. If you have multiple accounts, you will need to specify with signature you want to use for which account. Be sure to set your signature for both New messages as well as Replies/forwards.

Once done, click OK.


To set a signature in myMail, start by logging in and click on Options.

Click on Messaging, check the checkbox for including a signature, enter your signature and then click Save.

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