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Saunders Email

Saunders email uses the RIT Exchange Server.  If you do not have a Saunders Email Address, please submit a request to to have an account created (Saunders faculty, staff and adjuncts only).

Mailing Lists

Please login to Inside to review the lists:

RIT Exchange

Supported Email Clients

Email Signatures

Per the University Signature Standard, all email communications that support academic or business functions must contain specific information in the email signature. Email Signature Instructions are available here.

Email Security

Communication between your email client and both the Saunders and RIT Email Servers is encrypted. But that's where the encryption ends. What this means is that when you download your email, it will be encrypted. When you send email, it will only be encrypted when the message is sent to recipients on the Saunders or RIT Email Servers. If you send your email to a non-RIT or non-Saunders email account, the email will not be sent encrypted. We recommend you do not send any confidential information to non-RIT or non-Saunders email accounts.

Additional Documentation

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