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To reserve equipment to use log into

  • Navigate to the Tech support Tab.


  • Then select Reserve Equipment. Choose a name from the list in Reserve for field. Enter in the desired Pickup time and Return time for the item in the text boxes and hit search.


  • Check off each device you would like to reserve out during the time period specified (maximum check out period is two weeks) and click t Reserve Equipment button on the bottom of the screen. Should a technician be needed or desired, there is a text box at the bottom of the screen where a short description can be entered in with the request.


  • A new reservation request ticket should appear shortly on OTRS, copy the ticket number and click on Manually Update Ticket Number on Inside, paste the number in Ticket Number field, click on Save Changes.


  • In OTRS, set pending to the desired return time and follow up with user when loaner needs to be returned.


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