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Start by launching Remote Desktop Connection.

Under Computer, type the computer name of your office computer.  If you don't know it, you can reach out to Saunders Technical Support or find it at

Once you have entered the Computer name, click on Show Options.

Click on the Advanced Tab and then Settings.

Select Use these RD Gateway server settings:

Enter for the Server Name.

Check Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses.

Check Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer.

Once done, click OK.

Click back on the General tab and then Save As.

This will now prompt you to save an icon that you can later double-click on to initiate the connection.  We recommend using the Save As option so you don't modify your default settings for Remote Desktop.

When you do connect and go to login, be sure to add MAIN\ in front of your username.  For example: MAIN\abcbbu instead of just abcbbu.

ITS Instructions


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