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Saunders Technical Support uses a ticketing system to track all requests from our customers.  Each time you call us, email us or stop by, we will log a ticket of the services we have provided for you.  It is our way of making sure we provide the best possible customer service.

At anytime, you may review all of your tickets, reply to them, re-open them or even create a new one through our customer portal.  To access the customer portal, go to and sign in with your RIT Computer Account username and password.

Once signed in, you will see a list of your open tickets with links to see all of your tickets and your closed tickets.

Click on any of your Open tickets to see all of the details and notes from the Technician working on your ticket.  After reviewing your ticket, you can reply to it if you want by clicking the Reply link at the bottom of the ticket.  If the ticket is closed, a Reply will automatically reopen the ticket.

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