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Do NOT use Zoom over VPN. This will greatly decrease the quality of your Zoom session.

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Zoom is a video conferencing tool that is available for RIT faculty, staff, adjuncts, and students.

Setting up your Zoom Account

Before you can start using Zoom, you must first setup your account.

Go to and click on Sign In.  Please do not go to the main Zoom website to sign in.  You must go to

You will then be prompted for your RIT username and password.  Enter those as you normally would.  If you have already signed into an RIT website, you may not be prompted as it uses the same authentication tools for all other RIT services.

After provided the username and password, you have to agree to the following prompt.  Zoom requires just basic information about you so we can manage your account.

Once signed in, you will have an account created within Zoom.  If you are eligible (faculty, staff, students, adjuncts) your account will automatically be set to a Licensed account.

Saunders faculty, staff, students, and adjuncts may contact Saunders Technical Support for assistance.  All other groups should contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance.

Signing in via the web

To sign into your Zoom account, go to

Signing into the Zoom Client

If you are using your Saunders computer, you can install the Zoom client by using Portal Manager.  If you are using your own personal computer, go to to download the client.

Once the client is installed, launch it to sign in.

Be sure to select Sign In with SSO on the right side of the window.

Enter in rit and then click Continue.

Your browser will open and redirect you to the RIT login page.  From there you can sign in and select the option to Open Zoom when the notice appears.  It will then open the client signed in with your RIT Account.

Securing your Zoom Meetings

To avoid Zoom Bombing, we strongly recommend you follow these steps to secure your Zoom Meetings.

Configure your account for Authenticated Users

You can turn on the Authenticated Users feature for meetings in your settings.

Go to and turn on Only authenticated users can join meetings.

Secure your Meetings

When you create/edit a meeting, you can check the Only authenticated users can join option and select either RIT Approved DomainsSign in to Zoom (anyone with a Zoom account), or RIT Only.

Additional Support

From RIT

From Zoom

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