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It is possible to subscribe to your myCourses calendar using any calendar application that supports the use of iCal.

Setting up your myCourses Calendar

Start by signing into and click on the Calendar link on the right-hand side.

Then click on Settings.

Make sure Enable Calendar Feeds is checked and click Save.

Then click on Subscribe to the right on the toolbar.

You will be provided with a URL that you can copy and paste into an online Calendar or Outlook.  You can also download an ISC file that you can use to open your calendar in your default calendar app.

Importing your calendar

Microsoft Outlook

If you have the iCal file from the steps above, you can open the Calendar by click on the File tab, then Open & Export and then Open Calendar.

This will automatically configure Outlook to view your myCourses calendar as a separate calendar.

Google Calendar

To add to your Google Calendar, go into your calendar and select Add by URL under the Other calendars option.

Copy and past the subscription URL from myCourses and click Add Calendar.


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