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What is Slack?

Slack facilitates quick, informal communication through group and one-to-one messaging, file sharing, emojis, and other multimedia content. Third-party integrations such as Zoom and Google Drive can turn Slack into a collaboration hub. It can be used synchronously or asynchronously. For examples of how to use Slack in courses, review Using Slack in Your Class.


The primary documentation for Slack is provided by the vendor: using Slack knowledge base and Slack's Help Center. You can also type "/feedback" in the Slack message box to get help from Slack personnel.

Below are some specific curated resources to get you started:

In addition, this wiki space includes resources about using Slack in a classroom context, including documentation on how to get started with a Slack workspace, best practices, frequently asked questions, and more. Use the table of contents navigation to the left or the search box below.

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Slack Support

Download / Install Slack

Slack can be used in the browser, however, apps are available for desktop and mobile. If you are on an ITS-managed computer, download the Slack app from Software Center. For all other devices, download the Slack app from the Slack website or your device's app store.

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