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Zoom will automatically generate captions on the recording, which can be edited by the instructor. Review Working with auto-generated captions in Zoom for details. Please briefly check over the captions to ensure that it accurately reflects the key terms for your class, your transcript is appropriately punctuated and capitalized, and the language has been accurately transcribed.

If you feel that the automatically-generated captions are too unusable to reasonably edit, you can request professional captioning on your Zoom videos. In order for the Center for Teaching and Learning to access the Zoom recording for captioning purposes, the recording must be set to allow download (review Settings for sharing for details). It is important to note that files submitted to be captioned through RIT's captioning process will be available through RIT’s video server (Panopto) not Zoom, and will be viewed by students in the myCourses content tool and not through Zoom.


My Zoom recording has no auto-captions. What happened?

Make sure you are waiting a sufficient amount of time for auto-captioning to process. The length of time will be variable based on global load on Zoom and (the auto-captioning tool) at the time. RIT is not able to speed up the auto-captioning process. Note you must speak clearly and loudly enough for the Zoom auto-transcription tool to function properly. You will not receive notification that you are not speaking loudly or clearly enough until you discover that your recording cannot be auto-transcribed. 

How can I upload corrected closed-caption files to Zoom? 

You cannot. The only way to edit the auto-generated caption file and have it be attached to the cloud recording is to edit it in the Zoom interface: caption editing instructions. Do not download the cloud recording with the VTT caption file from Zoom and then post the mp4/VTT back up to a different video hosting platform (Panopto) or to myCourses directly. Students should watch the Zoom cloud recording.

Why can't my TA edit my auto-captions?

Only the person who scheduled the meeting can edit the auto-captions, regardless of how many co-hosts there may be. If you need a TA (or other helpful person) to edit captions, the TA (or other helpful person) must schedule and start the meeting. They can then give you the host role.

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