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What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video-conferencing tool that can be used to host virtual meetings, remote classes, guest speakers, and more. Instructors can increase interaction and participation using features such as polls, breakout rooms, whiteboard, screen share, and chat. Zoom sessions can be recorded and played back via the browser. Recordings are automatically captioned and captions can be edited.

Zoom pro accounts are available to all faculty, staff, and students at all RIT campuses. To begin using your RIT Zoom account, you must first authenticate at

RIT has licensed the "Zoom Meetings" product for RIT accounts. The "Zoom Webinar" product is separate and can only be used by request via form.


The primary documentation about Zoom is provided by the vendor: Zoom's documentation

In addition, this wiki space includes resources about using Zoom in a classroom context, including best practices, frequently asked questions, and more. Use the table of contents navigation to the left or the search box below.

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Zoom Support

Download / Install Zoom

Zoom can be used in the browser, however, apps are available for desktop and mobile. If you are on an ITS-managed computer, download the Zoom app from Software Center. For all other devices, download the Zoom app from the Zoom website or your device's app store.

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