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Breakout Rooms

  1. From the Meeting menu drop-down, select the Create Breakouts option.

    Other Breakout Buttons

    You can also click on one of two other Create Breakout buttons. One is located in the lower right-hand corner of the Attendee List and the other is located in the lower right-hand corner of the meeting room.

  2. The Breakout Room pod will appear in the Presenter-Only area (only those in the roles of Host and Presenter can see the Presenter-Only Area).
  3. There are two ways for assigning participants to the Breakout Rooms:
    1. Highlight the name of participant, then from the Assign drop-down menu, select the Breakout Room you want to assign them. Repeat this step for each participant.
    2. From the Assign drop-down, select “Evenly Distribute from Main” which will automatically assign each participant to one of the Breakout Rooms.
  4. As confirmation for Hosts that Breakout Rooms have been created, participant names are displayed under their assigned Breakout Room in the Breakout Room pod. A Breakouts Active button (for Host only) will also appear in the Breakout Room pod. Participants and Hosts will also receive a pop-up message in the upper right-hand corner indicating that “they are now in a breakout room...”.

  5. Breakout Rooms look exactly the same as the main meeting room. However, participants are given Presenter access to their respective meeting rooms and have the option of sending messages to the Host in the main meeting room.
  6. Hosts have access to all Breakout Rooms they have created for the participants. In order to enter into any one of the Breakout Rooms, the Host can click on the Breakout Room’s title in the Breakout Room Pod.
  7. The Host can also broadcast messages by using the “Broadcast a message to all rooms” text box at the bottom of the main meeting room. This message will appear in each of the Breakout Rooms in the upper right-hand corner.

  8. Participants can send the Host messages from their own Breakout Rooms. At the bottom of their Breakout Room is a text box for sending out messages back to the main meeting room. The Host will see a message appear in the upper right-hand corner of the main meeting room. It will indicate who sent it and from which Breakout Room.

  9. When the Host wishes to end the Breakout sessions, he/she can “turn off” the Breakout Active button located on the Breakout Rooms Pod in the main meeting room.
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