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Day Before Event

  • Confirm Your Computer Meets the Adobe Connect Meeting System Requirements
    It is important for you and your participants to confirm that your computer and Internet connection meet or exceed the Connect Meeting minimum requirement. Be sure to review them here. You will also want to check that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and the Connect Add-In installed by going here.

    Meeting Verification

    If possible, do a technical check or rehearsal in the same location and with the same computer and Internet connection as will be arranged for the live session. It is very important to replicate the live session as much as possible in order to gauge how well your equipment and bandwidth are performing; bandwidth will be affected by what tools you are using and how many participants are connecting.

  • Start Out Simple
    Frequently, the simplest approach is the most effective. Don’t feel you need to use all meeting room tools to have a successful experience. As you and your students and other participants become more comfortable with the Connect features, consider incorporating a little more each time.
  • Send the Connect Meeting URL In Advance
    This will allow students and other participants to get comfortable with the Connect Meeting Room and practice with some of the tools.
  • Practice On Your Own and With Students
    Perform a brief ‘dress rehearsal’ or ‘intro’ session with students to make sure everyone is connecting successfully and comfortable with the features.