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The technology options below address the following needs when using Adobe Connect in the classroom. 

These are only suggested recommendations and are not yet fully supported by TLS.

Instructor needs:

  • Speech must be captured at high quality.
  • Must be free to move about the room without sacrificing the quality of the audio being captured.
  • Must be captured via camera at high quality.
  • Must be free to move about the front of the room without leaving the range of the camera.

Classroom student needs:

  • Speech from classroom students must be able to be captured at high quality (separate from the instructor's speech)

Interpreter needs:

  • Must be captured via camera at high quality.
  • Speech must be captured at high quality.


The following is not addressed by this portable system:

  • Echo cancellation between classroom microphones and speakers. 
    For example, if the microphones are activated in the classroom then the Connect speakers should be disabled in the classroom (this will prevent an audio feedback loop).  Therefore all far-site meeting attendees should only use the Chat window to communicate live with the instructor.  Alternatively, the microphones in the classroom can be muted so that the far-site attendee can speak and be hear via the meeting hosts speakers.

Option A

This option includes two wireless microphones (one lavalier, one handheld).  Both microphones plug into a small audio mixer, this mixer then plugs into the instructor's laptop.   The lavalier is worn by the instructor and allows the instructor to walk around the room and send a clear audio signal to the connect meeting.  The handheld microphone is passed to students as they have questions or contributions to the discussion, when the handheld mic is not in use it is muted.


EquipmentModel CostCapabilities
Microphones*BLX1288/CLV ~$550 for receiver, 1 Lav, 1 HHAllows use of a paired HH or Lav mic
Audio Mixer - Option ARolls MX22  $47.25Inputs 1 RCA & 1 1/8" input, mixes audio to 1 1/8" output.  Allows for discrete volume control of each input.
Audio Mixer - Option B**Alto ZMX52 49.995 channel mixer providing a more versatile mix of in/outs, however a little more complex.
CameraLogitech c920 $99.99HD webcam with built in mic
Robotic Camera MountSwivl 

$400 -Swivl

$50 -Camera Mount

Robotic camera mount follows the instructor as they move from side to side in the front of the classroom. 
The instructor wears a marker and this must maintain a line of side with the camera base mount.

The unit has a 5 hour battery life and the battery is rechargeable.

Travel Case with foam  $80Single case large enough to contain all the above equipment.

*There are a wide variety of wireless options on the marketplace.  We have two main concerns when it comes to specifying equipment in this arena.  1) Frequency band interference, 2) Quality of the product.   Our group has the most experience in the Professional series of microphones, as such we have specified professional grade audio products.  Can you go to Amazon and buy a Wireless microphone system for less than $50 dollars, sure, could they meet your needs, again sure.  However, these devices are not rated for the high rate of use that we rely on, so we do not have a great expertise in the "hobbyist" part of this market, nor do alot of our audio vendors. 


** Professional Mixer option

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