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Promoting Users

As the host, you can promote or demote the attendees from their roles in a meeting. For example, you can promote a Participant to the Presenter's role or demote yourself from Host's role to Presenter or Participant role. With each role change you will add or take away the options available to that role. To change the role of an attendee:

  1. Take your cursor to that attendee's name in the Attendee List. It will display the available roles for that attendee as shown in the figure below.
  2. Select the role that you want to assign to that attendee. The interface of that attendee will change showing up options available to the role you selected for that attendee.

For some meetings, you may not want to promote an attendee to a higher role but activate certain utilities available such as, access to Camera and Voice pods. In such cases, as the Host of the meeting you can specifically activate their rights for use of certain utility in a meeting room. To activate a utility for an attendee:

  1. Take your cursor to the participant's name in the Attendee List. The following menu will show up against that participant's name.
  2. Select the utility that you want to activate for that attendee. This will show up a checkmark against the utility that you selected for that attendee. You can deactivate this utility for that attendee anytime during the session by deselecting it on the same list.