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These instructions will help you to troubleshoot some of the more common user problems that arise during Adobe Connect web conference meetings.

First test your Connect readiness using the Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test:

Questions to Ask If Participants Experience Difficulty Accessing Connect Meetings

  • Have you installed: The latest version of the Adobe Flash Player? (All Participants, Presenters, and Hosts)
    Check your Adobe Flash Player version here:
    Download the latest Adobe Flash Player here:
  • Is your computer connected to a reliable internet connection with good bandwidth? (All Participants, Presenters, and Hosts)
    A wired internet connection is recommended for best performance.

  • Have you installed the Adobe Connect Meeting Add-In? (Presenters and Hosts only)
    Download the Adobe Connect Add-In here:

  • Does the computer meet the Connect System Requirements?
    Double check by clicking the following link: System Requirements

  • Are the speakers and microphone working and adjusted for best quality?
    Users should run the Audio Setup Wizard to calibrate their microphone for best performance.

  • Are there any firewalls or access issues that must be resolved?
    If you believe there is a firewall or security issue, contact the Academic Technology help desk.

Audio Tips

  • Plug in your USB headset or other external audio devices before loading the Adobe Connect meeting room.
  • If participant’s audio is not working, verify that the microphone and speakers are plugged in properly. Plugging things into the wrong outlets is a common technical problem.
  • If the microphone and headset are plugged in correctly, try having the participants perform the Audio Setup Wizard again.
  • If the problem persists, ask the participant to close the Adobe Connect meeting room and browser and try logging in again.
  • Have the participant reset their Internet connection, or try a different web browser - make sure the browser you are using is supported.
  • If the participant’s audio is working but with long delays, have him or her close all other open applications.
  • If the volume is fading out during long statements, repeat ALL steps of the Audio Setup Wizard with one addition: In the Advance Settings area, un-check the Automatic Gain Control option.
  • If all else fails, have the participant reboot the computer.
  • If none of these solutions are working, contact the Teaching & Learning Support Desk.

Additional Assistance

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