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The Student Folder allows users to view student information, courses, tracking items, and notes based on your connection with the student. Advisors (faculty, academic and support) are able to view all information. Instructors are able to see information related to the course they teach.

IMPORTANT:  Student information is imported nightly from SIS to Starfish.  SIS is the system of record and will remain the most accurate place to look up student information.

  1. Access Starfish through: 
    1. myCourses by clicking the Starfish button or the hyperlink
    2. SIS by clicking the Starfish tile on the Teaching, Advising & Support page
  2. Student Folders are accessible from any place the student's name is a hyperlink.
    The most common place you will access a student folder is from the My Students or Tracking tabs.

  3.  Clicking on a student names brings you to the student folder. Depending on your connection with the student, you will find:
    1. Overview - General information about the student
    2. Courses - A list of the students courses (can be viewed by term)
    3. Tracking - A list of all the alerts a student has received (can be sorted by active, resolved, or both as well as term)
    4. Notes - A comprehensive list of tracking item comments, notes, and messages (sent by you) in the student folder

      NOTE: The Notes tab indicates when the comment, note, or message was sent and read.  However, the "Read" field will only be populated if a) the comment or note is sent to the student AND b) the students reads the communication from their RIT student email account.
    5. Network - A list of the students course instructors and advisors assigned by committee in SIS (current and previous terms)
  4. From the student folder you can:
    1. Add a Flag 
    2. Add a Comment
    3. Send a Message
  5. Select the Tracking tab (in the student folder) to see a list of flags and details of the flag(s)
    1. Hover on the flag to access the Flag Menu
    2. From the Flag Menu you can:
      1. View Details of the flag, including any comments added
      2. Edit your flag comments.  Please note, we discourage editing comments unless something was entered mistakenly because edits will not be sent to the student.
      3. Add Comment, this allows you to add follow up comments to the flag that the student's Success Network can view
      4. Clear Flag, which will indicate that the concern has been addressed.
    3. Click the “+” to see any comments that have been added to the flag by you or the student's Success Network

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